Choosing an aftermarket cooler to swap out stock Intel cooler


May 13, 2015
Hello! I've received valuable and great advice from this great community in the past so I'll once again ask for some guidance.

I'm currently looking for an effective yet low profile, good quality and silent aftermarket cooler for my CPU. When I built the PC I didn't get an aftermarket cooler because I didn't think I'd need one - till now. It's whizzes like a Chinook even if under small load. The problem I have is that my case is fairly old one (Chieftec BG-02B-B-B Midi Tower) and its rather narrow. I measured the distance between the motherboard surface to the side panel and it comes around 150mm or even a little less so things like CM Hyper 212 Evo won't fit.

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of aftermarket coolers have these backplates that need to be attached to the case, but my case doesn't have the CPU "opening" when taking off the other side panel, there are mounting holes though, not sure if the correct ones. As a novice it's hard to explain it so I'll add a picture of the case to illustrate it: -- does this case support CPU coolers with backplates? Or do I have to go with the mounting like stock cooler has with clips?

Case: Chieftec BG-02B-B-B (dimensions: 440 x 180 x 460 mm)
Motherboard: ASRock H77 Pro4-M (
CPU: Intel i5 3570 ( currently with Intel stock cooler
Memory modules: Crucial Ballistix Sport (adding just in case for clearance issues)

So in short:
-Will this case support CPU coolers with backplates?
-Which CPU cooler do you recommend getting? Doesn't have to be the high-end but rather good value and quality ratio cooler that'd fit into the case.
-Thid option - should I just switch to a new wider case? Rather not but putting this idea here aswell.

Thanks in advance!



Jan 10, 2015
- the case itself won't support a cooler with backplates you'll have to take the mobo out of the case and attach the backplate to it then re-mount the mobo into the case to install the cooler (if it has a backplate).

- there are a lot of low profile CPU coolers that are great in performance, look for good brands like noctua, zalman, cooler master etc... a few examples:

- I think the case is really important when building a system, you need great looks, cable management, enough room for upgrades and everything you want to put there, good airflow, all the goodies you'll want and its a part you don't really want to keep buying every time you make an upgrade or change the platform. IMO if you like to build your own systems or like to make upgrades every now and then, and you're not the like of buying a pre-assembled PC you should take the time to buy a PC case you like and invest a few bucks on it then you will just be swapping parts inside of it, a good case will last you easily 10+ years.

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