Question Choosing carry-on luggage for a monitor

Feb 1, 2020
I am planning to buy a 25~27" inch monitor. I will be moving by land using mostly public transport about twice a year and I need to somehow carry that monitor with me. Carrying it in it's original box in a carry-on luggage seems the best option to me (open for suggestions though).
Monitor package size is usually available on manufacturer's website. But when it comes to carry-on luggages interior dimensions, anywhere I look I see ambiguous "size" and "volume" properties. Sometimes size is inconsistent and greater than specified volume - that PROBABLY means that size property represents external dimensions. Googling on that also feels like a waste of time - mostly getting topics about airline dimensional constraints (not relevant). I also don't have physical access to them locally to come and measure.
Of course I can always go for something much bigger to secure fitment, but I don't want to overpay and carry additional weight.
So how to choose a carry-on luggage for a monitor? Let's just take Philips 276E8VJSB 27" monitor as an example. Packaging dimensions are 660x523x135mm 6.6kg.
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The original box might be okay if you always have full control of the box and are handling the box yourself.

But the manufacturer's boxes are not designed for continual reuse: unpacking and repacking.

With care the original box might survive a few times but I would not risk that.

You will need a commercial grade product. Something like the packing cases used for conventions and trade shows.

For example:

Not familiar with the products, sellers, or manufacturers. Links are just for reference purposes and to help you revise your search criterial.

Or maybe you can take some other product/hard suitcase (via thrift store) and add some foam packaging aka "DIY" (Do it Yourself).