Question Choosing motherboard with multiple rgb fans

Sep 23, 2020
Hello guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my pc and haven't been really active since my last build like 3 years ago.

I had a mini-ITX build and I'm now going back to ATX so I will be switching my motherboard aswell.

I will have 3 corsair LL120 RGB fans on a 360 radiator. So of course the question is how to attach these all to my motherboard with the possibility of tuning the fan speeds and lights.

I'm aware of the RGB headers in Asus motherboards, some even have 2 of these slots. But in my current build I had a LED-strip in that slot and might want to do the same again. Even if I didn't 1 RGB header wouldn't be enough for 3 fans? 2 would if I split the other one (right?) but will I be able to control them normally with a splitter?

So I'm looking for a simple as possible motherboard, only need one PCIe and M.2 slot. But one with enough fan ports to attach 3 RGB fans and control them. If I go with Asus and use the RGB header for LED strip, will the normal fan ports work with the rgb fans?

Hope I was clear enough. Thanks in advance!