Question Choosing the right hard drive


Jan 17, 2014
I plan to change my PC's hard drive and I've done some research before writing this, yet I'm still undecided.
I would greatly appreciate some help. Here are some considerations:
Speed - 90% of the activity on this drive will be torrenting, usually large files of around 50-100 GBs using a 1 Gbps internet connection.
When torrenting with local seeders and peers I was able to hit on occasions 110-115 MB/s on my current drive so definitely capable of more than this.
Noise - my PC is in my bedroom just a few meters away from my bed, so silent operation is a must.
Reliability - I'm looking for something which is known to be reliable, at least relatively speaking.
Price - I don't want to go over the top. Ideally I would go for an 8 TB drive, but I could probably lower that to 6 if needed. I just want it to properly do its job in the current scenario.
For example, I don't need a 230 MB/s drive, if 190 MB/s would still saturate my internet's bandwith.

Before researching I wanted to buy the Seagate Barracuda but realized it uses SMR and I don't think any SMR drives would be ideal in my situation.
As a result I've looked into CMR NAS drives and saw recommendations for WD Red Plus & WD Red Pro, the Pro seems to be faster, but aprox 5 dB louder.
There's also Seagate. People said Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro perform well but are louder even though after checking the data sheets they seem almost identical. Any firsthand experience? :)