Question Choosing the second monitor for a working setup

Nov 22, 2020
Hey guys!

I currently have Samsung C27HG70Q (27", 2K, 144Hz, VA matrix). And I'm gonna buy the second monitor for a working setup (basically for multitasking like surfing in the browser, coding stuff and etc). Also, I want to notice I'm not working with any kind of video editing, graphic design and etc. Also, I don't care about the monitor's ergonomic since I'm gonna use a VESA mount.

And I wonder if I should get a similar monitor with VA matrix, 27", 2K and 144Hz (like Samsung Odyssey G5, 27" or Samsung C27JG50, 27" [both cost $300]). I think Samsung C27JG50 looks better because it has less curvature.
it's better to get a monitor with an IPS matrix, 27", 2K but 75Hz (like Dell S2721DS [costs $300]). Sadly similar IPS monitor but with 144Hz (like Asus VG27AQ) costs almost twice more than those I mentioned before. :(

Do you think the IPS monitor will be better than those with the VA matrix? Also, I worry if I go with Dell S2721DS I'll be noticing some differences because it has 75Hz... :(
If you have any clarifying questions, please ask them!
I really need your help with this guys, so I won't regret it later. 🙂🙏
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A second monitor is a great upgrade for desktop work.

My first thought is to buy the same identical monitor that you now have.
The color and appearance will be seamless and moving windows from one to the other will not change size.
I used to think that way.

But, I now use a 40"4k monitor with a 30" vertically mounted side monitor.
I find that arrangement to be perfectly good.
Particularly if you have wall mount capability.
I might suggest something like a 32" 2k wide monitor.
You can get two full size windows on it.
Use your old monitor as a side monitor for more static stuff like email.