Choppy gameplay after BSOD


Dec 16, 2011

So a couple days ago I was playing Battlefield 3 and out of nowhere I got a BSOD. This was unusual because I built my computer just about 2 months ago without ever having a problem like while playing BF3. I tried to start up the computer but it would go into a rebooting cycle. After replacing my newer ram with some older ram everything worked again, but my gameplay has become very choppy. This also applies to all the other games I play, which is odd. My question is did the BSOD do anything to my hardware, or is it just the ram?

My system is:
Windows 7 64 Bit
Asus HD 6870 (ATI 6800 series)
12 GB DDR3 Corsair ram before crash and now 4 GB DDR3 Corsair ram
620 watt Antec PSU
intel i5 processor

The BSOD I got was error 6.1.7601.2.1.0256.48 with locale ID: 1033


A crash shouldn't have hurt your hardware. (unless the crash was caused by a hardware failure) More than likely there's some software issues. Have you cleaned your system of garbage and registry errors that have built up over time since the initial build? If not try running CCleaner; do the Clean and Registry both. Defrag.

If you still have issues, uninstall the CCC video driver pkg. (in Contol Panel/Programs) and then run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode. Remove any remnants of old AMD, ATI, and Nvidia graphics drivers that may have remained from previous driver installs. Reboot and re-install the latest driver from the AMD site. Don't forget the the CAP x profiles. Defrag.

Also, I would run System Configuration from Windows and uncheck any startup programs you don't need running. Here is a site to help you decide what you can turn off. For example, I only have 4 items checked in my config/startup. I like to free up as many resources as possible.

I doubt you'll have to do it, but a final remedy would be a clean install of Win7.