Choppy Video Playback with Blu-ray and HD files



Before I begin let me explain how my system is setup:
I have my PC in my living room which I built in 2006 with only two minor upgrades since.
Motherboard: EVGA Nvidia nForce 680i SLI LT
Memory: 2GB OCZ SLI Memory, DDR2 PC2-8500
Video Card: BFG Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
Hard Drive: 400GB Samsung 7200 RPM (C:) [C: drive runs the OS] (This drive has also given me a few death click problems); 1500GB Seagate Baracuda (Z:) [Z: drive is for storage]
CPU: Intel Core 2 6700 2.66GHz
Tuner: I use some tuner card I pulled out of an old HP media center PC, seems to work ok for watching analog TV
Disc Drive: Samsung Blu-Ray Combo Internal 12XReadable and DVD-Writable Drive with Lightscribe SH-B123L/BSBP
OS: Windows 7
PSU: Some offbrand POS, i think its 600 watts. One of its fans doesn't even spin anymore.

The TV is a 55" Vizio LCD TV w/ 120Hz refresh rate. It is hooked up to the graphics card by a dvi to hdmi cable @ 1080p 60Hz
The Sound is hooked up to a receiver with a digital optics cable.

I use this PC as a dedicated file server and Media Center PC. I use Windows Media Center primarily. When I try to watch any blu-ray or high quality video like .mkv's I get a very choppy playback and sometimes the sound is also behind or forward. I already have terrible internet and cant even watch hulu or netflix, let alone 240p youtube videos so I'd like to be able to watch my blu-rays.

Is there anything on the software/firmware side of things I can do to improve my problem? If not what hardware upgrades might I attempt first, second, third, etc..

Thank you all for your feedback.


Sep 26, 2011
Try CCCP codec pack, it's free and includes media player classic. It will get the most out of your hardware, I was able to play higher quality videos on a netbook that WMP couldn't play.


Oct 13, 2011
You need to activate the DVXA decoder. If differs for each player.

In Media player you need to go options->Internal filters (check DVXA)

If you like other players just find how to enable DVXA and Presto!! no more lags or choppines.

Remember DVXA need GF7300 or recent or ATI X16xxx Series or recent

Note: Recent does not mean better. In example GF 6800 and some 8800 does not support DVXA


Sorry, for taking so long to reply. I stopped trying to fix it for a while because it started having graphical errors even in the BIOS menus when the PC was booting up. And then started to blue screen every time i tried to boot it up. I finally got into windows when I tried to fix it this past weekend I booted into safemode and updated the motherboard and video card drivers. That seems to have solved my strange graphical errors and the blue screening, I cleaned up the PC, defragged, etc. and it didnt crash or have weird graphical problems so I think that is solved. I watched a blu-ray on a smaller TV I was using to work on it and played the Dark Knight quite well. The only error I noticed while watching the Dark Knight blu-ray is that sometimes when the camera changes or there is a fast motion it gets pixelated for just a moment, large pixels, seems like a digital error. I often see this same 'giant pixels' when watching HD digital cable or satellite in various locations not just one setup. I'm not sure if anyone will understand what I'm talking about. I have not done much more than that, going to try and hook it backup to the big VIZIO and see what kind of results I get.

I'm playing the video through Windows Media Center or the Cyberlink Blu-ray suite thing that comes with the blu-ray player and integrates itself with Windows Media Center, I have been debating on trying and using XBMC instead of WMC because it may have more available codecs and modifications since it is open source. I just don't know much about it yet.

I have the CCCP codec pack, it does help with other systems. Again, I havn't tried too much quite yet on this system, just updating the post.

If all else fails I watch my .MKVs on VLC, but ideally I would like WMC or XMBC to play my .MKVs

I will try DVXA, I have never heard of this as a solution. Thank you.

On a side note:
Anyone have a good way to rip blu-ray to a highquality format like .mkvs, I don't care how much space it takes up.

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