Christmas (and a slight rename) is coming!

Just as long as the GeForce XXXX naming scheme is actually hierarchical. I don't want to see a GeForce 210 being faster than GeForce 215 or something stupid like that.

Let's home the renaming scheme is meant to actually make it easier on consumers. ;)
Regarding this , I dont see much difference between that and physx, to be honest. The shoes on the other foot, its time to pay up
Tho, I think all these things should be accessible to any HW dev, and Im willing to change DRM to IRM heheh
Now, maybe people can see how AMD has been held back by Intel also
I say, make it illegal to prevent such crap, and then well see whos really taking risks


I say meh. If it actually supports DX10.1 this is a new card, but that could be wrong. The way Nvidias been, this is most likely nothing more then a die shrink of G92. (with ofcourse yet ANOTHER new name.) Hopefully I'm wrong, but I don't see why all of a sudden they will release a new card, DX10.1, etc with DX11 cards coming out in the next 2-6months. I can see refreashing G92 at 40nm for cost savings, but not a new card.