Question Chrome Browser Cookies Issue

Aug 6, 2020
Dear Community,

We have two to three users who are having thi issue that whenever they visit these two certain site the chromee cookies enabled error appears.
All other users are habing no issue in our compnay. We have same chrome settings for everyone.
Here is the error:

Click on this Image :Image
We have an intranet application which is accessed through chrome browser. It is running without any problem, for all users(all users of department X) except for few users it gives error saying An embedded page at says "Please enabled your browser coookies". Also Department X users access a website ,those affected users are also having same issue in here as well.
The table appears and then it disappers.
Click on this Image :Image2
While in actual this table should look like this:
Click on this Image:Image3
As we have checked cookies are enabled on all user's systems as well.

Its working on internet explorer for affeceted users without any problem.

Please help us out.
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