Chrome is causing micro-stutters throughout Windows 10 (w/ video)


Nov 20, 2013
Exhibit A:

First I noticed it while playing Rocket League. Every five seconds or so my screen would freeze for a fraction of a second. At first I thought it was because my monitors were running at different refresh rates. I had one monitor running at 165Hz while the other two were still at 60Hz. So I bought two more monitors of the exact same model as the 165Hz, and they're all running at 165Hz now. But the issue persists.

While investigating this issue, I noticed that it wasn't just in games that these micro-stutters occur, but also in all applications, including Chrome itself. This can be observed by just moving the mouse in a circle pattern. Every few seconds you will see the cursor jump and the fluidity of the movement will be broken. This might be harder to observe on monitors with lower refresh rates. I didn't notice this issue until I got my first 165Hz monitor.

The issue can be completely resolved by closing Chrome. However, for me, that is not a very convenient solution. I have also tried disabling Chrome from running in the background and also disabled Chrome from using hardware acceleration. I changed those settings from the Settings tab. If there is a deeper way to disable those options, I don't know about it.

I am wondering if anyone else can confirm this issue or help me troubleshoot potential causes and solutions. You might even see the micro-stutters on your own screen during the slow-motion portion of my video.

Here are my specs: CPU: Core i7 5930k GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 32GB Monitors: (3) Dell Gaming S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch

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