May 4, 2016
My Chrome suddenly just hangs or slows down, slow down the whole PC with it. It's weird like my cursor moves fine but system becomes slow, right click works. I am running Windows 11, latest Chrome version and latest Nvidia drivers.

Sometimes there is no way to fix it but by hitting the reset button. Sometimes if I alt+f4 the moment Chrome hangs, things become normal again. When I do that, my screen goes blank for a moment and then comes back to normal. I suspect Chrome is having issues with my GPU ? And after reinstalling Chrome, now sometimes if alt f4 doesn't work, I can hit the task manager in the sluggishness, and end one of the chrome tasks, and that fixes itself so no more hitting the reset button for now. It didn't work before, it does for now.

I have disabled hardware acceleration, running background apps when chrome is closed etc. Disabled some stuff on chrome://flags. Nothing works. It started happening when I was on windows 10 couple months ago out of the blue. Now I'm on Windows 11 through beta channel. Even though it's a conflict between the GPU and chrome as I think, when I'm gaming everything is fine ?

PC specs:

Ryzen 7 3700x
b450m mobo
750W 80+ gold Silverstone PSU
16GB ram
RTX 2070 Super GPU

Tabs that are usually open in Chrome: youtube, whatsapp web and some random few
Extensions: adobe reader, internet download manager, adblock, google translate, tampermonkey, acescpript, betterTTV , google docs offline (All are disabled now, except for adblock)

For the life of me I can't find solutions anywhere.