Question Chrome OS, Server Deployment, Screen Mirroring ?

Sep 20, 2021

I currently plan on buying 5 cheapest 32" TVs and 5 chromebits CS10 to place in small grocery stores in different cities with one purpose, display a pricelist on a TV. I need this because the shop assistants:
1). keep changing the price on their own and they pocket the difference thus lowering the total sale so a lot of food gets wasted.
2). turn off anything they dont have control over and say it was by accident (CCTV/other digital promotional material) so the TVs must be hardwired into the wall
3). will most likely disconnect any PC if its connected via HDMI so a compute stick is a must

I want to be able to change the prices every day (small business is selling fruits/vegetables so the prices vary daily).

So far what i've thought of, but seem stone-age-like:

  • screen mirroring one BG image which I need to edit every evening
  • use an image deployment service -> same MS account with : hidden taskbar, no icons, same BG image with the pricelist edited every evening.
My plan is to have at least 100 stores across the country by summer 2023 so I would need it to be scalable (1 tv+1chromebit/store)

Thank you very much!

P.S. 1). Chrome's RDP solution over the web wont work because of the every-30min confirmation requirement
P.S. 2). If chromestick is a <improper language removed> bad device for this, I can think of getting the Intel CS BOXSTK1AW32SC (costs double but i might consider it)
I am not sure Chromestick will do the job for you - it needs to be controlled from local WiFi-connected device, and you don't want that. What you are looking for is called "Kiosk PC" (it does not have to be PC, though). You need simple computing device that will perform one and only one function - constantly refresh a WEB page from your (private) web server.

OTOH - there's something broken in your business. Even if you have prices displayed on a large TV above cashiers' heads - who will stop these TVs to be turned off, their brightness reduced, or simply cashier charging as much as he/she wants. If the charged price is lower than published price - the customer won't complain.