Question chromebook: can you use a docking station with ancient hardware


Aug 6, 2010
a friends mom is 80 and has been using a dying HP desktop for at least 8 to 10 years. she literally only gets on email and facebook. she wouldnt want a tablet/ipad etc because barely can use what she has. she doesnt know what tabs are or any terms like browser,, she just presses the shortcut on her desktop to FB and her email so i cannot change that.. but i wanted to update the tower with just something like this 99 dollar chromebook

i see it comes with 2 usb C and one A. i didnt look at the old monitor she has but i assume old vga connection. so can i just plug in a docking station into the usb C and as long as it has the usb for the external mouse and keyboard and correct monitor connection that the chromebook will work with the old mouse/keyboard/monitor and also act as charger for the chromebook?