Chromecast Not Connecting to Secure Wireless Networks

Sep 11, 2018
Hello all,

So our department purchased 16 gen 2 chromecast devices. We were told to connect them to a hidden wi-fi network that is linked to our ethernet connections. This worked fine on all of the devices except one. On the browser setup page, I enter the SSID, WPA2 security config, and password and it tells me that the password is incorrect, though I know it isn't as it worked fine with all the rest. We RMA'd the device and received a refurbished one in return, and the new device is having the exact same issue.

Weirdly enough, I was able to connect the Chromecast to my phone's mobile hot spot, but not a single one of our networks at the office will work with it. Tried a hard reset and no luck. Does anyone know what might be the issue with this? I could just send it back again but having already tried that once to no avail I am reluctant to do it again.

Thanks in advance.