News Chuwi's Ryzen 9 4900H Mini PC Starts at $500


Jun 19, 2020
Been trying to get a PN50 from Asus based on the 15-Watt variant last year, even managed to place an order, only to see the delivery date slip to infinity...

So I got myself a NUC8, NUC10 and NUC11 instead to build a computer cluster, each one real catch either because of price (NUC8 i7 with Iris Plus for €300), availability (NUC11 i7-1165G7 for €550) or both (NUC10 with i7-10700U for €400) while anything not a laptop with U-Ryzen 4000 remained a paper product.

With Ryzen 5000 U+H parts becoming slightly better available it seems they are finally releasing Ryzen 4000 stock to these small Chinese companies who will quickly turn them into a quicky product, that will run only as long as these stockpiles run out.

Been seeing Ice Lake U-class and even the super rare hybrid AMD-Intel chip that was sold on a NUC7, I believe come out of some warehouse niche.

The prices are really rather stiff and don't seem attractive against up-to-date list products. But those are quite simply never actually available.