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So I have a PS3, I recently started to rip my DVD's to a home server so I can stream them through the PS3 in the bedroom without having to worry about changing disks, having DVD's stored everywhere etc.
MY DISKS, I BOUGHT, I PAID FOR, and just about every other one pops up cinavia and mutes the sound... WTF?
I have never experienced cinavia before, I have done a bit of research but am still kind of unclear as to why I would get this error when I own the disks?

so, maybe someone out there has a little more knowledge of cinavia than I do and can give me a bit of direction on how I can fix this and not get muted movies?

Thanks in advance.

** for the record, I am not asking on help to circumvent the software, I know it prevents pirated media from being played, I was just wondering if there was a way to rip my movies to my media server without having issues... I.E. Different codec, or anything of the like. If there is no way beyond this, then I will just set up a pc and connect it directly to the TV.



Nov 3, 2012

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