Dec 10, 2005
Hi all, I built my PC. it has an i7-9700k at stock speed using the noctua NH-D15s cooler. the cinebench R20 score was 3689 and the temperature of the CPU reached 64 degrees celcius. does that sound right?
I've seen 4174 from a 9700K, but, am unaware of the fine details of their settings in that benchmark, nor do I know whether MCE was used, RAM speeds, etc...; look for other results to cross check against...

Certain a mid-60's heavy load temp is fine...
Between the fix for the latest Spectre vulnerabilities, possibly low RAM speed if you left it at default, and the fact that some motherboard have started to not overclock Intel CPUs by default, yes, score and temperature seem normal. Check your RAM speed though, you need to manually enable XMP profiles.