Feb 19, 2010
I purchased a couple of used Cisco 7960 phones online to use with a hosted VOIP provider. However, the VOIP provider is asking me to have the latest firmware installed on the phones. Currently, the phones are loaded with SIP firmware POS3-7-2-00 and the latest is POS3-8-12-00. I tried to go to Cisco for the firmware but I came out of that interaction pretty confused and without a firmware solution. Would it be difficult for me to upgrade the phone myself with very little VOIP experience? I already managed to download the latest firmware from the web. Now I just need to know how to get it into the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It depends. Some devices allow the user to install firmware updates, others are locked down by the manufacturer (or even the VOIP provider if they're supplying the equipment).

Nowadays if the user is allowed to install firmware updates, it’s usually through some administrative interface using your browser. Much like your router, you navigate to the device’s IP address, perhaps login, locate the firmware update page, upload the firmware (binary file), apply, and reboot.

Older equipment might require a serial or USB cable, but the principle is the same. You gain access to an interface, upload the firmware, apply, and reboot.

Since I’m unfamiliar w/ this device, I can’t be more specific. But I would locate the manual (perhaps it’s online somewhere) and see if it mentions this ability.