Question Cisco Anyconnect client and printing by wireless network

Nov 17, 2020
Using Cisco AnyConnect vpn client and must logg off when printing my document on my printer connected by wireless network. Is it possible to use both vpn and printer at the same time?
It is a configuration option generally called split tunnel. I forget what cisco calls this feature. Anyconnect is a extremely complex enterprise vpn package. You might just be able to change this option in the vpn client. Many times this option is disabled and the ability to configure anything on the client is controlled by the central server of your company. It all depends on if the IT guy want to allow you to do this.

This is a very common complaint with any well setup vpn client. It is consider a security exposure to allow any connection to any other device either on your lan or any place else while the connection to the corporate network is active. In effect you would be putting your printer on the company network exposing it to any bad software.

So it maybe working as intended. If can change it just be aware the risk even though it is small.
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