Apr 3, 2012
Morning all :hello:

I'm a tech support guy for Novatech at the moment and looking to get some decent qualifications while I'm still young!

At the moment I've only got the basic stuff :(
-CompTIA A+
-Microsoft Technology Associate - Networking
-Microsoft Technology Associate - Operating systems
-Working towards my MCTS (Microsoft certified technology specialist) in Windows 7, Configuring
-2 Level 3 Extended Diploma's in Tech support and telecommunications

Anyway, I don't know much about networking and wanted to get some networking qualifications as it interests me!
I've heard the Cisco qualifications are best...

A) Which Cisco qualifications are best to start off with, and where can I take them? (How much also?)

B) Are the learning materials easy to get hold of? I'm happy to teach myself

Cheers guys :ange:


Jan 25, 2012
If you visit and check training & events you should be able to find information on training courses there. I don't know how much thay cost but I have heard they are a bit pricey. You should also be able to find all the training materials at for free. If you don't have much network training you should start off with basic (general) networking stuff, then start looking into whatever interests you most.
You can get plenty of questions for free. There are many study sites where people discuss why certain answers are right. It does not really matter if they are the actual question or not as long as they cover the topics. They key is knowing why it is the correct answer not just the simple fact what the answer is.

There are many sites you can get the actual test questions but if your goal is to just memorize a bunch of questions you are wasting you money on the certifications. Sure you can get a official looking paper but everyone in the industry knows there are those people who can memorize stuff but still know nothing. You will be laughed out of any job interview within minutes. A person who actually knows the material can tell a fake almost instantly.

Gee if you are going to spam crap to a 2 year old post in the forum you could at least put in the site most people are using and it is not the one you list. I will not bother to list it since memorizing a bunch of test questions is like going to all those fake colleges that are going bankrupt. You can get the certification using that method but its not like you are going to get a list of questions and answers to memorize when you apply for a job.

You might as well fly to india and go to the corrupt testing centers where you pay someone to take the test for you and they put your photo on the testing certification.

You may get a interview with fake credentials but the people you interview with will with be able to tell...we figure since you are already wasting our time we might as well have some fun making you feel stupid.