Clarification on a fan hub connector

Apr 24, 2018
Hello this my first time on this forum, so this post may seem pretty stupid.

So I am planning to add some more fans to my tower as my temps are high on my CPU and GPU and I only have 1 exhaust at the moment. I only have one 4 pin connector on my Motherboard and it's connected to my CPU fan.

I'm planning to buy more fans and this 10x 4pin Fan hub (not gonna use all 10)

eBay 10x 4pin connector

So my procedure will be:

I will remove the cpu fan from it's header and put the PWM connector in it's place which is connected to the hub.

Then on the hub I will connect my CPU fan to the Red header on the hub which I understand is the only hub that has controllable speeds.

I will then connect the new fans to the rest of the black headers on the hub which I understand will always run at full speed regardless.

My Questions Are:

Does the red header have controllable fan speeds (and is it the only header which has controllable speeds)

Are the rest of the fans gonna run at 100% regardless

Is there a 7x version of this as well (i cant seem to find a 7x, only a 10x)

Thank you all


Jan 30, 2018
I could not open the picture at the product page. The hub usually gets power from the sata connector and speed signal from the 4-pin header. The fans connected to the hub will be actuated at the speed (voltage level) the 4-pin header dictates.


Not sure what's up, that's not Sata powered, it's got a molex power connection on that end.

PWM means it's a 12v constant voltage. The PWM signal turns off/on the fan motor at various rates, so basically the fan is always trying to start. A fast pulse will mean lower rpm, a slow pulse will mean the fan has more time to spin up, so faster rpm.

A hub like that is basically a powered splitter. It'll supply 12v needed to any fan connected, and the single PWM signal will operate the fan speeds. This means you do not draw all the power for all the fans through the mobo header. 10 fans would be @3A-5A depending on the fans, a header supplies upto @1A.

The orange connector is more than likely just a designated port for the cpu fan, the black ports being used for case fans. Lacking any sort of chipset on that hub, the only possible difference would be that orange port is ground connected to the input signal cable, a necessity for the cpu header which will stop/shutdown the pc if it does not see the cpu header as being populated.

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