Clarification on Bulldozer

I have been digging around trying to get an angle on Bulldozer and specifically whats will or wont happen to the socket for it.
I am of the impresion at the minuite that Bulldozer will go in to a AM3 socket but there will be what is being called at the moment a AM3 r2 socket released (so AM3+ at a guess)
Does anyone know if this is indeed the plan and also will there be any loss of performance/function between the AM3 boards and the new AM3 r2 ones. I beleive its just the dropping of DDR2 suport ?

Im looking to build a gaming system to a budget and if i can get a AM 3 board now and know Bulldozer will work without restriction later i need not wait to build and can upgrade the CPU when its released.




I had a reply in another forum somewhere, but I found *only* one reliable source that said Bulldozer will be using AM3 and that was via a "road map".

There doesn't seem to be much info about it.

Pro Llama

Dec 8, 2009

DDR2 support is dropped on AM3 boards, so I don’t know what AM3 r2 would hold.

Slim Shady

Sep 14, 2009
Good info, thanks! I'm not sure there is as much 'real' confusion about Bulldozer as it seems though. Most of it appears to be manufactured and intentional confusion to take as much of the positive press away from what was revealed as possible. There are alot of intel employees out there, in one capacity or another, i'm guessing that's where it's coming from. I can't imagine how so many, many of whom are supposed to be experienced enthusiasts with years on different hardware forums around the web, can be that confused. It really is pretty simple to understand.
@ MM
Yes mid 2011 was what i last read as well. Thing is im sitting here with a 775 socket board and while i dont need to upgrade as of yet i know its not far away.
There is no real point advantage in putting a higher spec core 2 Chip in this as Intel seem intent on keeping the prices high and then just EOLing the whole 775 series. If i could get a highend core 2 for a reasonable price i may still look at it but as a way forward its a pretty dead end road.

Benchmarks say that the top end AMD chips can cut the mustard quite well compared to the Intel offerings, there is said to be a refresh coming this summer with lower TDP and hopefully some improvement.
So the plan is to get a new board and CPU around that time.
Thanks for the link.

@ loneninja,
On the AMD forums they are saying the benefits of the 8 series chipset are not that great, guesss i will have to weigh it up at the time, hopefully its out in the summer.