Class action Lawsuit against HP?


Apr 14, 2011
My wireless button goes haywire and just will not stop. It happened on my first computer, I sent it in 3 times and eventually got a replacement. The replacement is now doing it. How can i stop this vicious circle that is going to keep happening. I am losing money everytime my computer is away for weeks at a time. I just contacted the Better Business Bureau, as well as a random Lemon Law Attorney I found online. Where else can I take this to plea my case? Would anyone be interested in taking this forward with me? I sent this message to the BBB, so here is my story:

I have been having a problem with HP since the first few months of getting my computer. After spending over $12,000 on computers from them in the past few years, my purchase of their $4000, maxed out, HP-DV8T CTO-1000 would seem justified. However the only thing this computer has brought me is nightmares. The problem, a defective ribbon susceptible to EMI (static, electro magnetic interference) which makes the touchpad wireless button blink on and off. Due to this, the computer is rendered useless because anytime I try doing anything, the wireless button goes haywire and disallows the use of any internet. Additionally, it interferes with my job of running a recording studio because I have to send back my computer weeks at a time to get it repaired. Additionally, when I do have it, any time I am recording and the wireless button blinks, it adds pops and clicks to my track; ruining the session I just did. The following is just a small portion of who I talked to throughout all of this:

First repair:
4/27/2010 Spoke to Ishan who transfered me to Sohpie (Supervisor) who then tranfered me to Kevin (Case Manager) at 9:06 PM.
Kevin Employee Number: 7501452205
Kevin Phone Number: 1-877-917-4380 Ex. 08
After over an hour and a half total on the phone, Kevin decided my computer was able to be sent in for repairs. I spent about $20 sending my computer in. The approx time without my computer was 2 weeks.
Only MONTHS later, the computer which was "repaired" started to have the exact same problems again. This meant I had to call for a second time.
Repair #2:
6/14/2010 After trying to call back my old case manager Kevin, I was told he could not help me because my issue had already been marked as resolved. He then transfered me to "Eric" just a regular supervisor. I was then connected to a case manager located in Mexico at 8:23 PM
Patricia Rodriguez (Case Manager) was by FAR, the worst person I have ever had to deal with for anything. She made numerous claims to email me proof that stated "if my computer was not repaired by HP this time, we promise to give you a new, upgraded computer of a completely different model"
Each time Patricia told me she would email me this proof to or, she failed to do so. She was a complete snake and lied every step of the way.
6/16/2010 Called and spoke to Anna. She was going to give Patricia to give me a call when she was available. Patricia was completely lazy and did not contact me back on the time she was supposed to. After fighting with Patricia, she agreed to fast ship me the box so I could return my computer to get it repaired, ONCE AGAIN.
Order # - BGX793
Approximate time without my computer: 2-3 weeks
AGAIN my computer started to have the same problems
Repair #3:
9/10/2010 Spoke to Gale about my computer having the same wireless issues. Service Ticket number : 8036740724. After not being called back for 15 days even though I was promised I would be called back the next weekday, I wrote a letter to HP stating how I had contacted a Lemon Law Attorney and would continue with a lawsuit if I was not called back within the next 3 days. I was called back a few days later 9/26/2010 by Denise (Executive Case Manager) telling me that she would build a new computer of the EXACT same specs and send it to me as a replacement. Complaint # 750-164-7730. After a VERY long wait, my computer was shipped by Fedex on 10/19/2010
Order # : H114041626
Now I had received my new computer. Everything was going fine until about 2/10/2011 when the NEW COMPUTER started acting up with the same problem the old one had. This has proven to me that it is the actual Product line that is defective.
Repair New # X :
4/13/2011 Called up tech support, transfered to Ethan (Supervisor) then to Matt (Case Manager) He told me that they would not do anything but repair my computer. I AM FED UP!

COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 57193117 Better Business Bureau, Inc.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
I am fed up with HP's lack of care for such a valuable customer. They have treated me like dirt and will not even see eye to eye with me at the fact that they are ruining any potential work I would be doing if my computer did not have this problem. I want to open a lawsuit and I KNOW that the BBB can help me out with this. They are saying because it is a new computer and has not been sent in for repairs yet, I would have to send it in for repair. It is their OWN fault that there is a hardware defect in THEIR computer. I am not going through the same cycle of lies and mistreatment by HP. At some point the little guy has to stand up for the abuse that they are given. I really hope you can help me out to either get a FULL refund, possibly plus any damages just to show HP how messed up they have been to me, or a new upgraded computer of the same or higher value. I would prefer to settle for a new computer from them but would NOT accept the same type model. It would have to be completely different and not have the WIFI button on the front that can have the same potential problem. I think that there should be a recall for all Dv8ts because I am not the only one having the problem. Follow these two links to see many others having the same hardware malfunctions as me. look at this link: has to be done about the treatment HP has been dealing out to their customers. They take for-granted that WE are the ones that give THEM jobs. THEIR salary is paid through OUR purchases. After explaining that it was unjustifiable and I had to contact an attorney, I was mockingly told by my case manager today I should "fax a court order to 1800-563-6319" I really hope you can help me start a movement to show HP the reprocussions for their actions and maybe teach them a lesson in consumer ethics. I thank you SO much for your time and I am sorry for ranting to you, I am just so fed up with HP.
I personally would just install a nice wireless card in PCMCIA slot and disable the wireless on board if that was the only problem

While I am all for the little guy fighting the corporation
I cant see this being worth the expense of attorney and time involved

You can fight for principle I guess but since you are a business man
it doesnt economically make sense

if you personally hire attorney the cost would easily be more than
laptop plus lost work time and if you lose case
your worse off

if it is classaction lawsuit usually when all said and done the payout is minimal
once divided up

This is just my personal opinion
This is not a recommendation of what to do
I am not a legal representative and make no claims to be
Do what you feel like you have to do
but set aside personal feelings and look at bottom line

from the sound of it a $50 wireless card would solve the problem
and in the long run save you stress and aggravation
which remember stress is proven to shorten your life

Just my opinion
I could be wrong


Mar 5, 2008
Agreed...while its frustrating how these businesses treat their consumers, the best thing is to write off the purchase and walk away...

You will lose far more in personal time and expense than you will make up in restitution. Dont give up, tell the world about how crappy their product is, keep the pressure on but in the end the lawsuit will yield very little....

Many of these product lawsuits end up with the manufacturer handing out $20 certificates to buy more of their products....

Most people involved in large lawsuits eventually come to regret the time it took to see them through. They all say it wasnt worth it...


Apr 14, 2011
It is not just something I can write off. My economic situation has changed since the purchase and this is the means of my business. The $4000 I spent on this computer to run my studio is no longer around. It has vanished and sank into my computer. There must be some way I can get HP to settle for giving me a NEW, EQUAL VALUE COMPUTER OF A DIFFERENT MODEL LINE, or a refund. However they are so abrupt and mean to me on the phone when I try to realistic with a possible resolute. I refuse to waste months sending my computer back another 3 times, and lose thousands more dollars. It is time I was made whole for my defective product, for this defective line of product. Is there not anything I can do? :(

In response to the idea of a wireless card, I already have my firewire card plugged into the PCMIA slot and is the center point of my studio working. If I was able to do that from the start, I would. However that is not realistic as I move my computer around a lot, and I have something in that port already.


Apr 14, 2011
[quotemsg=2874695,5,357956]Send an email to MaximumPC they have a column that tries to help people with issues like yours.[/quotemsg]

Will do right now. Thanks !!!!!!!
Man you beat me to it Tricky Dick!

Definitely small USB wireless adapter

though from a search of model number of laptop
the OP is on a mission
he is on the first page multiple forums
about this class action suit on GOOGLE

I would be happy with that

something researching this laptop
would avoid because of him

really cant ask for more


Apr 14, 2011
I expect to be made whole from this issue. There is no justification for what HP is doing. I am willing to put in the time to bring them down merely on the principle of things. Their monopolistic actions are getting to me and I have had ENOUGH of it. What are my odds of having HP settle with me? I know it sounds dumb but I did not buy a $4000 computer to be doing little quick fixes to it. I want it taken care of and am just sick of it. I appreciate all the answers though guys, you are all being very helpful and caring. If you have any other ideas please let me know. Thanks again!
realizing that I have no law experience
and respecting a man of principle

i would think that in the US that the small claims court might
be a possible option

i know that the monetary judgements have a limit
which in my state I believe around $5000

if possible to bring a corporation into small claims
or name the person in charge of HP customer service
then might be a viable idea

I would think that if HP gets a small approx $5000 usd claim
against them they would simply just settle out of court
as long as you signed a waiver releasing them of further
legal actions

while they would not admit fault because of setting a precedent
there would be possible a monetary compensation with
the least amount of your time and your money be wasted

of course I would recommend speaking to a qualified lawyer
regarding this
many have free consultations or relatively cheap consultation

I do understand your pain and wasnt trying to disregard it

though when it comes down to it
it is over a material object not damage to person
so keep that in mind

careful of the path you are traveling as a man of principle
you have to keep in mind what is gained compared to what is lost

time is the most valuable thing you have
if you become obsessed with this
remember you can NEVER get the time back that you spent
dont ignore friends or family in this pursuit
hopefully many long years later at the end of your life
even just one extra hour with your family and friends
would be worth more than all the money in the world


Apr 14, 2011
You made a great point. I will be sure to bring this up to them when I am called by the next available executive case manager. This is a very smart possible route to keep them from denying me at all costs and i really appreciate your insight.
I will not let this consume me and will be sure to make sure I take care of this the right way. What you said was truly inspiring and I will be sure to never lose sight of what is actually important, because in the end material is just material.
Thanks again man