Clean win 7 to ssd - avoiding 100/200 mb loss


Nov 24, 2008
hello friends. Merry Christmas Eve!

finally getting around to my first win 7 install on my new 120 gb mushkin chronos deluxe.

I am using tweakhounds win 7 install guide found here:

particullary, I am trying to avoid the 100 mb loss:

*Avoiding the 200MB partition: Folks have discovered that on an unpartitioned drive Windows 7 will create a 200MB system partition. This is easily avoided by creating a partition before attempting to install Windows 7 (see above). (for some this partition will be 100MB)
**Exception for SSD drives to avoid the 200MB partition and partition / format the drive.
Partitioning is a little different for SSD (Solid State Drives). This is because of something called NTFS partition alignment. Basically this refers to where on the drive the partition starts. Vista and 7 will create a single partition optimally for SSD's. XP and most program boot disks will not. If possible you should partition the disk under an already installed Windows 7 or Windows Vista machine and then proceed with the usual installation steps. If not then this is the way to do it:

Windows 7 Installation Advanced Drive Formatting
1 - Boot up from the Windows 7 installation disc.
2 - Choose Repair your computer.
3 - In the System Recovery Options screen, choose Use recovery tools... and click Next.
4 - Open the Command Prompt.
5 - Type diskpart and hit Enter.
6 - Type list disk . Find the disk you wish to install Windows 7 on. If you only have one disk then it will show as disk 0. If you have multiple disks find the drive you wish to install 7 on.
7 - Type select disk 0 (or use the number of the disk you wish to install Windows 7 on)(note - that is a zero)
8 - Type list partition. There shouldn't be any.
9 - Type create partition primary.
10- Type select partition 1.
11- Type active.
12- Type format quick.
13- When finished reboot and begin your installation.
( DiskPart Command-Line Options )

After reboot, the ssd shows as having 100 mb used and is listed as a system drive.
Am i doing it wrong, or am i misinterpreting what I see, and i am saving the space...

Am i not getting the expected result(saved 100 MB) or am I misunderstanding what windows is showing me?