Feb 23, 2023
Guys i have a question, i want to clean my AIO cause the grill was dusty enough but i need to take of the fan and the cable, but i cant plug it back and maybe to lazy to do, so any tips or trick from you guys? is using Compressed Air will do the job? Thanks a lot :D
i well forget mention about it, my AIO cooler is from PC Cooler GI CX-240
"Eating a cake and keeping it"Eh ?
It doesn't even matter which AIO cooler it's more about how and where radiator and fans are mounted and how dirty/dusty it is.
If you just use air to blow dust away, blow air opposite of it's air flow, hold fans from turning. If any filters, take them OFF.
For more through cleaning, you could use a semi stiff brush like those used for oil paints, about 1/2" wide so you can get between fan fins. Dust collects on the back of fan fins and lint (or cat hair) at leading edges.


I use compressed air, several sizes of artists brushes and a small shop vac with the hose held off the pc by several inches.

Blow compressed air in opposition to standard pc airflow, do not blow too close or slow or on a hot PC, condensation from the extremely cold air will cause mud. Use the brushes to dislodge caked on dirt and the vac is to pull the dust up and out so it doesn't settle back into the pc or make a giant mess outside the pc.