Question Cleaning PC Parts with Alcohol etc?

Jul 12, 2021

I'm looking for tips to make cleaning filthy computers easier?

Recently cleaned my Dad's PC which was clogged with slightly sticky looking dust (broken down?)

I've been told you can use pure alcohol to help GENTLY clean things like PC Fans IN PLACE without having to pull them out. Up till now I just used Compressed Air, Q-tips (not the awesome rapper), clean paint brushes and my fingers – but this is not ideal!

I'd rather not pull out the fans unless I really have to – plus some of them I can't anyway.

I know you can get super pure lab/film alcohol, rubbing alcohol (worried about smell tho), heard Metho (smell again?) – not sure which alcohols are ok and don't smell and won't damage fans or other parts by accident if drip/spill?

Also not sure which are most affordable and/or best place to get them?

Are there other liquids I can use that are as good or better?

And tips for any other additions like better types of brushes or anything to help me clean the guts of my PC – this would be awesome? I'd especially love some advice from someone who's actually done the things they suggest!


Dylan Beckett


Retired Mod
91% isopropyl alcohol, which usually (And before Covid, but is somewhat readily available again now) is available at any pharmacy, Walmart, many home centers and hardware stores, etc.

I don't recommend using anything else on electronic components EXCEPT perhaps electrical contact cleaner in the rattle can which you can get at most auto parts stores. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol is generally a lot safer and cheaper though.