Aug 22, 2011
Hello, currently i have the following parts on order ( the ones related to my issue )

Asus P8Z68 V-Pro
Corsair Vengance 4 set kit
Coolermaster V6GT

i only jus thought of clearence issue possible ? anyone with similar setup that can confirm if it will be an issue or not.



Just buy ram with standard heatsinks. No god damn different with rams with those comb heatsinks.
You can also go with water cooling like grab a Corsair H60, then you won't have to worry about ram clearance issues.
Well, if the parts are on order you either have a clearance issue or you don't.

lp231 gave you two ways to go if you can cancel the order. You haven't told us the rest of your specs and plans, but we can still predict the lack of memory heatsinks won't affect your rig's performance.

If you're committed to the order and wind up with a clearance issue, you can also bend or alter parts of the heatsink(s) to create clearance. Since they don't affect performance . . .