Question Clevo laptop GPU appears to be fried - replace the GTX1070 with a RTX2060

Jan 10, 2022

Hoping someone can help me out here -

I think I have fried my GPU on my Clevo Notebook. I launched a graphics intensive program and the screen went black. Restarted and a lot of artefacts/glitching (primarily horizontal lines). Device manager shows a code 43 and BIOS will not POST, I was on Windows 11 and thought that could be the issue so did a clean install on Windows 10. Windows 10 will load (with the artefacts/glitching). I have tried reseating the GPU, checking for physical damage and updating drivers (does not recognize device) - all to no avail.

Since its almost certainly done for - my question really is, can is replace the GTX 1070 GPU with a RTX 2060? GTX1070s for a Clevo MXM seem very expensive and hard to source but the Clevo website does show a RTX 2060 for a very reasonable price. The worry I have is that the model numbers do not line up, although visually the cards look identical I do realise its not that simple. Not sure if its worth a try salvaging with a RTX 2060 or just bite the bullet and sell for parts?

Link to the RTX2060 spare part -

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Manuf/Model: Notebook / P7xxDM3
Processor: i7-7700K 4.2GHz
Storage: 1TB SATA / 500 GB SSD

As a background I bought the laptop used as a dud and managed to get it working by resetting the CMOS battery. It worked for a good few months doing basic office stuff until the problem above.


Might be able to find a barebones laptop, but not with modular components like those desktop/mobile hybrid Clevo models.

I would contact Clevo see if they can give you an answer. I know they used to sell GPU upgrade kits, but it was never really cost effective. Repair is another matter.