Question Click noise after after PC startup ?

Jan 30, 2022
As title says, I hear a single click noise some time after I boot up my PC, it is not the one PSU makes after turning system on, but it sounds something similar, also I found this vid in one of the posts here and the sound is something like that but may be a bit louder. I have no HDDs, only M.2 SSD.

I have had this PC for 9 months already and I started hearing it maybe a week ago after dust cleaning, though I doubt I could damage anything. I can just say the temperature in my region rised up and read somewhere that some parts may expand due to their temperature rising and cause clicking/cracking noise what definitely happens with my monitor every time, which I am used to. But noise from PC is new.
I have no problems with the system, there is nothing in the way of fans. So can someone tell me what can it be?