Question Clicking/static noise when turning on PC?


Sep 9, 2015
Changed my old power supply to a new EVGA Supernova G3 650W and whenever I turn it on from shut down or sleep i heard a single click or a sound like some electricity pop. I have ECO mode on so I dont think its the fan being turned on and I have SSD's so it cant be a hard drive. I opened up my case and reinstalled my cable so it cant be that the power cables are loose. Tomorrow I will have to turn it on and open up the case to see whats really wrong with it. Maybe try booting it up many times. In the meantime would you risk keeping the PSU or would you contact support so they send me a new one? I also cant seem to find many issues on this topic either so I may be in the minority.

Edit: I confirmed the sound is coming from my Power Supply. Is it natural to hear a click from the PSU when turning it on?
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