[SOLVED] Clock_watchdog_timeout bsod after new system build with some old parts


Apr 17, 2013
Hi, I've got a 700w psu that's working well as far as I can tell, the case, GPU, and hard drives from my workstation/gaming desktop.

I'm running a small business doing contract work in the Adobe suite and needed a CPU upgrade. I don't have the budget for a completely new build but bought a Ryzen 5900x, appropriate CPU cooling, gigabyte auros B550 v2 motherboard, and 16x2- 3200 gskill ddr4 RAM to try and beef up my work station from an old Intel 4770k set up.

Formatted my program drives but not a project storage drive, cleaned out my case and 980ti GPU from a shameful amount of dust using denatured alcohol and a very gentle hand.

Got everything assembled and installed a copy of windows 7 from an bootable usb I made back in 2015. Let it update and once it downloaded Windows 10 I reset it to try and clean any migration problems.

Getting to the point, I'm getting a clock_watchdog_timeout blue screen and I've been trying to diagnose why. It seems like it could be anything from faulty system files, bad drivers, my old cables causing hard drive read write errors causing faulty system files, insufficient power to the CPU, ect.

I'm writing for help in both diagnosis but also in deciding if the more likely culprit is a faulty new part or a damaged old part. The system before any meddling never threw this error and basically never blue screened. I had a lot of clean up to do to the interior but basically only handled my GPU of parts that will remain in the new setup. I did clean it out down to the chip and reseated the heat sinks with fresh thermal paste. Possibly I damaged something....

I ordered the parts through Amazon, should I just break this all down and send it back? This was going to be my only work station and I'm dreading an extended return cycle keeping me from taking contracts.

I have a laptop I can use for support, let me how if there's any diagnostics files that can help narrow down the culprit.

Thank you for any assistance in advance.

Edit: I should mention I was getting the error without installing anything beyond letting windows update itself. The GPU was functioning without drivers until Windows self installs a dated Nvidia driver somewhere in the process. I've disabled any over clocking features in my bios and have no GPU overclock or software for it.

The system runs for between 10-30 minutes before consistently crashing with the same error bsod.
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