Nov 25, 2018

So, here is the deal: I have had no problems with this in the past. But, one day, I using my PC browse Chrome for a bit, and I decide to launch CS:GO up and play it. I am playing for thirty minutes and then the game freezes, nothing works, and i get hit with clock_watchdog_timeout ! I, as usual, reboot, and try again. I am just looking at Chrome and Discord, and Bam! The same error again! It happened at least three of four more times before I decide to try to launch Safe Mode then reboot (even though i am pretty this will not do much, but i think it has worked before) and still happens! I then try to reinstall Windows while keeping my Files, so I did not have to do a clean sweep of Windows and wait a whole day for it to so it’s thing. Still didn’t work. Blue Screen AGAIN! I realize that this did not get rid of my drivers, plus I don’t have much stuff on C: anyhow besides Steam, Origin, and the OS. At this point, I am about to give up. Then, it actually stays on for about two hours! I do some browsing and such because I wasn’t quite ready to try gaming again. So, those two hours pass, I decide to play Universe Sandbox 2. It launches great. I go to change one setting, the music stops, the game froze, BSOD!

I am sorry I made an entire story out of it, if that’s wasted your time. There is a few things I would like to note so you can use that info:

- Earlier that day I updated my Chipset drivers after the first crash to see if that was the issue. Did not help, obviously.
- I am using an Insider Build, actually, but it is the “Just Programs” version, not full Windows Builds.
- I have not tried to update any other drivers because I am scared I will screw something else up.
- I have had this PC for about 6 months and I have not had any issues since then.

I can navigate Windows and know how to do absolutely anything, ecspecially with instructions, but I am terrible at Diagnosing a problem and most of the time fixing it. That is why I turned to this forum. I will be glad to help you help me figure this out in any way I can! I have the PC with the problem, after all!


Win 10 Master
Clock watchdog timeout is a error called by CPU but not necessarily caused by it. If its hardware, reinstalling windows won't make it go away. but it will tell us if its drivers or not, as chances of having same drivers twice on 2 different installs are small.

What are specs of PC (whats inside it?)

Can you follow option one on the following link - here
and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD

that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD.
copy that file to documents
upload the copy from documents to a file sharing web site, and share the link here and I will get someone to convert file into a format I can read