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The Q6600 is an excellent overclocker. With high-end air in a well ventilated case, the Q6600 G0 typically achieves 3.6 Ghz @ 9 x 400. The required Core Voltage depends on the VID, which ranges from 1.200 (best) to 1.325 (worst).

VID can be read with Real Temp or Corer Temp. For example, 1.300 VID requires 1.44 Vcore to remain stable at 3.6 Ghz. Lower VID means lower Vcore mean lower temperatures.

Q6600 G0 voltage and temp specs:

Vcore Max @ 100% workoad 1.5v
Tcase Max CPU temperature 71c
Tjunction Core temperature 76c

Read the Guides at the top of this Forum and the documentation for your motherboard, chipset, CPU and memory so that you understand the specs and how they apply to BIOS. Then you can overclock your rig without exceeding the specs.

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