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Quick question,, I have used the subject software (free version) in the past to close HDD to SSD in the past
and have always found it very good..
But I just tried to use today... and it failed.. and I am looking for any pointers as to what I might have done wrong.
I was cloning a 1tb HDD in a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop to a oldish Samsung 850 Evo 256 GB
OS was Win 10.. fully updated (I updated the HDD... Jez.. that was SLOW!!!!)
So I had to clone but reduce size of the main system partition... to fit.... no problem.
It had all sorts of other partitions (presumably a Dell recovery/ UEFI etc).. I just cloned it all...
SO it went through.. and said it had cloned successfully,.. but on putting the SSD in laptop - it would not boot.. said no bootable devices.
So I used the Samsung migration tool.. and tried again.
That tool gives you no options or info about what its doing (it only shows/talks in terms of main partitions)
but that worked fine... the SSD then booted fine in the laptop.

So any idea what Macrium failed? I didnt fiddle with options.. mostly accepted defaults (apart from resizing the main partition to make it fit.. as I said)

So although I got it sorted.. I would like to understand it better.. for future.
Thanks in advance for any insight.



Mar 16, 2013
How much space in total was consumed on the original drive?

It is also quite likely that the main partition consumed all the available space, and did not leave enough to clone over the small boot partition.
Redo the clone, but drag down the partitions individually.
First, the boot partition, Then the C parttion, consuming the rest of the space.


Thanks @USAFRet

Yes.. I had to do that... when I just told it clone.. it said not enough space.. it did not auto resize... so I ended up doing as you said.. dragged each down resized the main partition - and pulled the rest down (did not resize any others)... they were def all there, in same sequence as original.. and I even left 20GB unused for the Over Provisioning that Samsung say these drives need.
Fortunately - only about 50GB of space was used on the primary partition of the HDD.. so it all fitted easily onto the 256GB SSD even with all the Odds and sods small partitions.

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