Clone hard drive won't recognize actual size

Aug 9, 2018
Hi all

Having issues with a drive recently cloned.

I cloned a 250gb SSD boot drive to a 500gb SSD (with Clonezilla). That went well and I'm able to boot from the "new" drive. However, Windows 10 doesn't recognise it as a 500gb drive; instead, it thinks it's roughly 250gb, like the original.

After a bit of research, I discovered this is a common issue after cloning. I followed the steps to fix it in Disk Management, but the problem is it doesn't recognise any unallocated space on the new clone drive, where there should be an extra 250gb (250gb worth of cloned drive, and then the remaining 250gb).

All of the solutions I've found rely on there being some unallocated space that I should be able to extend the C: drive to, but I don't see any and have no options to extend the volume.

The drive is in three partitions: 450 MB NTFS, Healthy (OEM Partition); 99 MB, Healthy (EFI System Partition); and 232.33 GB NTFS, Healthy (Boot, Page file, Crash Dump, Primary Partition). From what I've read, there should be an extra block of unallocated space, but there's not.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice or a link to a thread where this has been solved already.

Thank you


Jul 30, 2014
GPT volume store the partition info in the drive and when you clone it, it copies that exact info

easier fix i found is resize it in Disk Management (up or down) once and then it found the other space. Then resized it to the size you want.
if this does not work, then you will need to use DISKPART command to fix it.
Dec 24, 2018

Signed up to say thank you :) One finds many threads about this problem. You posted a simple solution, not requiring re-cloning with some other software etc. I used Clonezilla to clone a 512 SSD, first to an external HD and then to a 2TB SSD. Then I had that problem. Shrinking revealed the unallocated space. Used the free Partition Tool Wizard to allocate the extra drive space.

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