Clone HDD boot partiton to SSD?


Jun 17, 2012

So here are my current system's specs:

i5 2500k
Asus LX Z68
8gb Corsair
500w Corsair PSU
500gb HDD
and I am using the Intel HD 3000

So, currently my 500gb WD drive is split into 2 partitions; 140 for the boot drive, and a 320gb for storage. I want to buy a Crucial M4 128gb, and make it my boot drive.

so what I'm asking is if i can clone the main HDD boot partion (140gb, 50gb free) to the new M4 128gb WITHOUT having to reinstall all my programs.

and then, when the m4 is successfully installed a s the boot drive, merge the 140gb partition and 320gb partitions.

my main goal is to do all this without reinstalling windows 7, for I'm currently midway through a important project for work and can't waste time reinstalling, copying data, downloading updates, etc.

thank you.