Question Cloned Intel Stick BIOS problem. Pls Help

Sep 28, 2019

I spend lot of time reading this forum and checking already asked question and solving lot of problem. But for the very first time I had an issue that could not find it here.

I have an Cloned Intel Stick device that came with W10, and wanted to replace that to use it for Kodi Build (because running kodi over w10 waste a lot of resource and always had issues of freezing when was trying to search or stream) (Intel Atom with 2GB of ram).

I had some issues on recognizing some OS ISOs from the boot, and that´s why I start testing the USB compatibility modes, I changed the USB recognition from a mode to another one, and lost USB recognition to USB, keyboards and mouse (the device just have 1 USB C and 1 Micro USB that can be used as a USB with an OTG adapter.). They only device that appear to be powered are the USB memory sticks.

Do someone happen to know if there is a way to put some file into a USB drive and take the bios back to the factory configuration?

Device information:
Model: PC_STICK (and the only information that i have)

Sorry if there is some grammar issue, English is not my first language.

Thanks in advanced.