Question Cloning NVMe to Larger NVMe

Sep 28, 2020
Hello, I recently upgraded my C drive from a Samsung 960 evo 250g to 970 evo plus 500g. My motherboard only has one M.2 slot. I purchased a RIITOP PCIE M.2 to PCIE 3.0 4x/8x/16x adapter. I loaded the 970 in the adapter and installed it. I then used Samsung's migration software to clone the disk. I then swapped the drives so that the new drive is on the Motherboard M.2 slot and restarted the computer. Computer reboots, everything is perfect!

I then installed the 960 drive into the PCIE adapter so I could reformat it to use as a video editing drive. When I reboot the computer it only goes to my old drive, so I can't erase it. If I try to change boot drive it says files missing and will only boot to old 960 drive. As soon as I take the old Hard drive out and go to boot order I can then assign it to the new 970 drive and everything is fine. Is my only recourse buying a NVMe to usb 3 adapter. Start the computer and then plug in the old drive to erase and reformat it. Then put it back in the PCIE adapter?