Close Up Remote Cameras


Dec 4, 2017
Hello everyone, i have a bit of a question regarding the clarity of Security Cameras in close-up views.

Im working on a project and ill give a really fast run down to give you an idea of what im looking for.

The project is essentially a D&D Campaign, But i wanted to use 360' Cameras that can be manually given access too, via either a web-panel or access number and use these as each players "Character View". As you can imagine its a fairly huge project and requires me to build quite a lot of things which i can generally manage to do. But what im not sure about is how good the quality is on 360' rotating preferably wireless cams. The less wires the better. Heck if it can be ran via Batteries and not even require a power plug that'd be even better.

So here is the handful of questions in a list form:

  • Is there a specific type of camera i should be looking for?
    Are there Cameras that can handle that proximity to objects and still remain pretty clear? Something like a 720p or 1080P. It doesn't need to be crazy clear.
    How difficult is it going to be to separate each persons camera access if i was to get 5 of the same camera?
    What kind of price are we looking at?
Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice or direction or suggestions!

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