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Hey there,

Make sure your GPU driver is up to date, along with all system drivers etc.

Do you use Geforce Experience to optimize your games? If so, don't. It's a turkey of an app, and has a way of crippling what otherwise might be very good performance. If installed, remove it, update drivers etc, then try again. Also, might be worth ensuring you have the high performance windows power plan or the Ryzen plan on.

Let us know how you get on.
Okay so. Yeah, I agree with you. Your system should be well capable of playing those games at the settings and FPS you are suggesting.

Have you got MSI afterburner installed? Set the OSD to display your CPU - Speed/Usage/Temp, GPU - Speed/Usage/Temp/Frametime, 1% Low/Vram and RAM - Usage.

Play one of the games and look out for anything hitting 100%. You might also run an instance of HWMon/Info in the background, and lookout for CPU throttling. Post some screenies so we can see if there is anything that doesn't add up.

Edit: Apologies. I've only just been able to watch your vid (My BB is down, so using phone thethering!! haha)
Let me have a look at that for a few mins.