Closing posts


Dec 8, 2006
I think some better procedures are needed in how posts are closed.

I just went to forum page off a link form the THG main page. This is the forum page I went to:

I spent about 15 minutes composing a thoughtful and helpful reply, but when I went to post it, it said that thread was closed and I lost everything I had typed. I went back to the THG main page, and found the link to it still there - so others could repeat the problem.

Now there was a post on the page from a moderator stating:
You will get better advice at the Homebuilt Systems section of this forum, here

But no indication the thread had been closed. I checked that forum, and finding no post I went ahead and responded to this one. The OP was asking for recommendations on CPU and MOBO so it was reasonable to post in the forum he did - the mobo and memory forum.

Why if a thread is closed - and apparently before anyone else had responded so no data but mine was lost - was it still left on the home page? Why can someone still click on the reply button and get the page to prepare a response - all looking normal - only to have it erased when they try to post?


A moderator can close a thread with a custom reply rather than the default "This topic has been closed by xxx" which is what you see there. The only indication that it is closed is that the quick reply box is missing. I agree though, you should not be able to even attempt to reply to a closed thread, although it is handy for moderators on occasion so that they can post without having to open the thread, post and close it again (since we are able to post in a closed thread).