Aug 13, 2009
So the current setup goes as such.
One 120mm front 1200rpm intake fan
One 120mm 1600rpm back exhaust fan
One 120mm 1600rpm side exhaust fan
One 120mm 1200rpm side intake fan.

I am thinking I should use the 1600rpm fan as a bottom intake fan, and the other side fan as a top exhaust fan. So this will mean 2 intake fans (one bottom, one front) and two exhaust fans (one back, one top).

What do you all think?
I have a similar config in my CM690, but I added a 120mm intake fan in the lower 3 5.25" bays, instead of on the bottom (see my Member Configuration) - my CPU temps are 32C-39C - room temp about 68F-70F.

Two 120s intake on front (orig + the one in the lower 5.25 bays, Two 120s exhaust: Rear Back and Top Rear.


Sep 17, 2008
To have good cooling it is important to make a wind tunnel in your case, thus according to me, the best way is to have 3 intakes and 3 exhausts...

My case is:
* Intakes:
1x120mm (Noctua P12@1300 RPM) on front panel
1x120mm (Scythe SlipStream @1200 RPM) on bottom
1x140mm (Scythe Kaze Maru @500 RPM) on side panel (lower intake for the GPU)
* Exhausts:
1x120mm (Scythe SlipStream@1200 RPM) on the rear panel
2x120mm (Scythe S-Flex@1200 RPM) on the top panel
I'm quite happy with this setup... I spent quite some time to find the best fan combination (I have maybe 10 spare fans from different manufacturers) to have it as cool as possible while maintaining low noise...