CM Storm Stryker Airflow setup


Oct 26, 2011

Just upgraded from a Antec 900 to this beast along with a modular psu, essentially a stormtrooper in white with a few adjustments. Never changed case before so I'd like some guidance on airflow setup before starting!

The 2 frontal fans are rotatable 90 degrees, think I should have them facing the front or the side? Should the airflow just be in the front/out the back or what? Anywhere I should slap some fans from my Antec in there? I'd like a cool GPU as I'm gonna SLi 570

Using a H70 cpu cooler btw! (cba to upgrade to a h100 atm)



Nov 18, 2012

Firstly, apologies to the topic starter, had I been into this sort of thing earlier, I would have replied sooner. Apologies to the Mods/Tomshardware community, I don't know the policy regarding opening old, unanswered topics (yet!), but I felt bad seeing that this received no love.
Secondly, full disclosure, I don't know much about building PCs, no knowledge on technical terms, but as an Architect, I could probably be of some use.
I wouldn't consider it a final solution, but here's a nifty image someone posted earlier
(Credits go to this here lovely person, and topic; )

What I like about that idea is the airflow is all in one direction, like a jet engine; comes in one side, out the other, cool in, hot out, while cooling most of the compartments of a PC build.
In regards to the Jet engine idea, if you rather have the side fans blowing from the sides, then would you consider adding a couple of fans underneath the hardrives? I believe with that case you have the option to place some fans on the bottom, near the power supply, and ideally blowing IN. I believe if they blow out to the underneath the case, then the case would warm up and that would make me nervous. With this, you'll have the Jet engine going. ( I think I like Jets now)
For the H100 Corsair cooling system(or whatever it's technically known as), if you want a push-only 'feature', you can try the idea in that topic I linked earlier, (keep in mind, I'm not sure if that idea's a Push-only thing, or Push+Pull), but I feel the tubing will get in the way of the gfx card and probably 'scratch' causing it to damage. If you want to place an H100 system up on top, you could do that, but the handle will get in the way if you're going for a push+pull system, unless you get a 100mm and a 70~80mm fan right under the handle. About this, though, I'm not quite sure if you'd want it to be an "exhaust" sort of fan. The H100 is good for OCing, and really you need it to be able to efficiently cool the CPU down, and if it'll serve as an exhaust system( I mean the 'exit' of the jet engine) then you'll be using the 'used air' in the radiators, and I'm not sure if that's the best solution.

You can try the H100 Push+Pull, 100mm+70~80mm combo on top, and it'll push the air into the case, and the big fan on the back of the case can be the "exhaust" and you can have another fan on the bottom to be the exhaust fan as well, and with that, you can have the side fans be blowing from the sides.

My recommendation; get a second opinion. I don't think I qualify to be the basis in which your decisions are to be made. Everything I typed were possible solutions for my workstation that I'm working on. Poor laptop can't handle the stress of 3D Max.

Good luck and stay optimistic!