Question Cmos now displays Chinese and English

Feb 7, 2022
My computer boots Windows 10 just fine I can select 2 different installs when Windows first boots
My MSI MS 7B07 MB worked great for years. Now when I hit delete to enter CMOS to change boot drive and other settings it now displays half English and half Chinese.
I reflashed the BIOS and that did not help

It does have a dead CMOS Battery

Any insight or solution would be greatly apprerciated
Replace the CMOS battery. If that doesn't solve the problem, which it probably will if you are CERTAIN that the CMOS battery is dead or weak, then it's got to be a corrupted BIOS ROM which usually means replacement of the entire motherboard will be necessary unless it's a board with a replaceable ROM.


Top part of BIOS page is not visible in the photo you provided.

Does this MSI BIOS interface have the globe icon next to the X close button on top right? Have you tried setting it to English from that globe icon (if any) and reboot and see if it holds?

Replacing the CMOS battery is always a good idea if BIOS starts behaving strangely as advised above.