Question Coax internet cable to move router to another room.

Oct 21, 2021

I am moving into my girlfriends house and she currently has her router in her living room attached to a coax cable. There is one that comes out of the wall into the router, but another that appears to go into the wall and it seems to come out in the room I want to put my desktop in. My goal is to move the router into that room, and then connect it to a Ethernet cable to my desktop for a stable connection.
The issue is when I tried to move the router and attach it to the other coax cable it doesn’t seem to have an internet connection.
Thank for your help!
This is a impossible question to answer almost. Only you can see how the wires are connected up.

For it to work the wire coming in from the outside must be hooked to the wire going to the room you need it in.

In some houses they connect everything to splitters and it just works. In you case you may have 2 separate cables....or it maybe even more if there are coax outlets in other rooms.

Now purely a guess but if you have 2 cables jacks in the room where the router currently is should work if you connect those 2 together. Exactly how you do this depends on what the ends look like. You likely will either need a barrel connector or a very short cable.


It all depends on where the other end of that cable goes. If it goes into the same splitter as the living room, then it should work. But I've seen many cable technicians unplug unused outlets from the main splitter to help reduce noise in the system and increase signal strength.

My suggestion is to find where the main coax splitter is in the house and see if any cables are unplugged. The splitters are typically in an attic, basement or near the main power circuit breaker.