[SOLVED] COD MW Refuses to Stop Stuttering

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Lads, I have resolved my problem. Please forgive me for this huge forehead moment. Upon opening up my PC to reapply thermal paste I noticed something odd. It turns out that the previous time that I had applied thermal paste (which correlates to the 2 months I spent in stuttering agony) I had left my fan/heat sink unclipped/secured above the CPU. It was basically wiggling. While placed vertically the heat sink was making no contact with the CPU. This means for the last two months my CPU has been holding on by a thread with no cooling what so ever. I went ahead and scraped the old thermal paste and cleaned both CPU and heat sink with rubbing alcohol. Reapplied thermal paste and lo and behold my game has never run better. I will also mention that everyone that has helped managed to boost my PC even further with all their settings that I was never even aware of so I thank you for that. This has been quite the journey.
that's funny but yeah you should check for temperature. mind to run ubm and post it here (make sure the clock is at 3.8 or above, since in bios PBO is enabled)
there you go! better score, cpu reached max all boost core using the latest amd chipset driver and using amd ryzen balanced power plan, and a little tweaked nvidia settings :D

only if you have the money, upgrade to a 3600mhz ram kit, if you could the lower the CL the better the latency, cause ryzen 3000 cpu series loves fast ram (and it does indeed give fps boost due to how the arch work).