Question COD MW Server Disconnected Trouble


Apr 17, 2016
I am having trouble opening up COD MW because most of the time it says Server Disconnected and it only gives me the option to quit to desktop. I say most of the time because there are some times when i can open it up no problem. I am not able to recreate any of these scenarios. I've tried changing my DNS in my laptop to a different one, and also tried port forwarding on my modem but i dint think my modem allows port forwarding I'm not very good at it (its ISP modem). I have also tried to reformat my laptop by installing a fresh copy of Windows, and then updating all driver and installing ONLY COD MW (completely re downloading) but still having issues connecting. My brother has his own PC and he can open up COD no problem. We are both connected via ethernet to the same modem. He has a custom built pc mine is a gaming laptop.

What I have been doing and what has worked for me is pretty weird. I have to open my Rainbow Six Siege, wait for it to get to the menu, AND THEN open up cod. Once COD successfully boots up into the main menu, then I can close down Rainbow Six Siege. This method works most of the time, it still fails some times but i just restart my laptop and try again and it seems to work. This method is pretty annoying since I have to open both Steam and Uplay to be able to open Rainbow, and its not the fastest game to boot up as well.

I have played CSGO, PUBG, R6, before with a lot of hours on each, (1k on csgo and 2k on r6) and I have never experienced anything like this on any game what so ever. I have always been able to load up those games no problem.

I'm asking for help regarding my situation and what can or can't be done about it. I want to be able to just boot up the game normally.

My System (Lenovo Legion Y740)
RTX 2060
1TB NVME SSD (Both the Game and OS is installed here)

My Internet (Wired)
75Mbps up and down
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