Question Code 43 error with Nvidia Tesla K80 + RTX 3060 ?

Jan 25, 2023
hi... Here I have a little problem, I have a RTX 3060 and a Tesla K80 on an Asus Pro WS X570-ACE. On Windows 10 I have a code 43 in the managers of peripherals ... ... would there be a way to operate these two GPUs on this motherboard ? I can operate one or the other by reinstalling the pilots [drivers?]. My block [PSU?] is 750W (yes I know it's weak) but what's its chances of operation? <<< ;)yes thx for correction :: en francais on dit pilotes, excusez moi !

Indeed my PSU is low but for the installation that is not in charge it should do the trick !! Since then, I have advanced and it would come from incompatible nvidia drivers in their respective categories... My question would then become how to make them coinscide or... Is there an application of the same type as NVcleanstall but for data center drivers... In fact I would like to use this card only to increase the computing capacity of my computer with compatible programs... Thank you nevertheless for the correction of language, already that in French I have trouble finding the right words lol !!!

or is it that simply the material is not compatible... I think it's a shame because these cards deserve a second life in individuals... We are patient.

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