Codec Issue


Oct 5, 2007
Presently editing a movie where a sound file is to be added in Microsoft 'Movie Maker' . Downloaded a codec app that could not install.. Error Code 1305

Attempting to drag the intended audio file generates an error that a cda codec is required. Research on the Microsoft website cautions that a number of codec downloads are promoted as appropriate and from a qualified source.

How would one know what a qualified codec source is? Much thanks in advance as I await a reply.
Mainly you want to make sure the site you download it from is not a site that has malicious downloads that are infected with virii -- somewhere like CNET downloads for instance or other well known providers -- Here is a link to the CNET downloads for the K-lite Codec PAck Klite is a well known codec pack that has codecs for just about any format and they have all been tested to run well together without major conflicts etc.