Question Coil whine/ constant cricket noise


Aug 24, 2018
Hi, i bought an rx 580 8gb aorus) not the xtreme one)
I tested it in unigine heaven with the settings of that benchmark,they were like high setting, something like that.
Paired with i5 4690k, they only got 20 fps in 1080p. I was pretty sure i had to get way more fps, the gpu temps were good though, no thermal throttling. 68C max.
I opened the gpu, i changed the thermal paste, and now 100 fps BUT when i put load on the gpu it starts to sound like a cricket, it s loooud. Did i do something wrong? The fans are not hitting any cables, i even took the gpu out and tested that, also i unscrewed the screws like a sixth of a turn, maybe it was too tight, but same resut .It s not the 1st gpu i open and i did everything corectly. Is there a way i can repair it? I am 100% sure it isn t but if it started doing this noise after i replaced the thermal paste maybe it is repairable? HELP PLS
FORGOT TO MENTION: sometimes at idle a white led on the gpu would randomly flash 3 times then stop. This happened before openinh the gpu as well as after.
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